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Production and sales

The range of available devices on the market include fryers Conveyor for continuous operation and ovens, fryers, drum blanchers batch, drum and conveyors, de-icers, boiling pans for continuous and batch, both atmospheric and vacuum scraped-surface heat exchangers, and a wide range of devices additives such as sponges, conveyors, pumps, agitators and many others.

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Technical consulting, testing, implementation and maintenance

Our experts have practical experience related to the processing of various kinds of products. We have our own research center possessing a wide range of devices for product testing customers. Installation, commissioning and regular servicing is carried out by certified our specialized partners in strict compliance with rigorous quality and efficiency standards set by us with the ongoing procedures.

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An extensive network of sales representatives and service centers

Sales, installation, commissioning, warranty and after sales service are available through an extensive network of service centers. Find your nearest sales representative in the Contact Us section.

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[servicefa items_per_row=”1″] [itemfa title=”Best prices” icon=”usd” a_fffect=”fadeInDown” color=”#fff” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#D5191F” border=”1px solid #D5191F”]The most beneficial offer in the  market. The materials and components used in production are of European origin only, highest quality production equipment and reasonable pricing.[/itemfa] [itemfa title=”Fast implementation” icon=”cog” a_fffect=”fadeInDown” color=”#D5191F” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #D5191F”]Rapid implementation of the product on the market. Our experience and our own R & D departments allow us to carry out a rapid and highly precise image scaling necessary processes, ranging from pilot plant to complete the implementation of industrial finishing.[/itemfa] [itemfa title=”Efficiency” icon=”signal” a_fffect=”fadeInDown” color=”#D5191F” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #D5191F”]Comfort, performance, functionality and modernity. Industrial NEAEN lines have been designed and manufactured in order to carry out the orders of customers in the most efficient way possible using all the existing trends and technologies.[/itemfa]   [/servicefa]

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