NEAEN PreSteam pressure cooker


NEAEN PreSteam pressure cookers are designed for highly efficient heat treatment of a wide range of food products at temperatures up to 125 °С and an operating pressure up to 1.3 bars.

NEAEN PreSteam pressure cookers are ideal for cooking and braising of meat, vegetables, legumes and groats. The ready product will preserve to the maximum extent its vitamin and mineral content and its nutritional values. Thanks to the significant reduction in cooking time, the product will preserve its appealing appearance, and at the same time it will take on an improved taste and smell.

When using preliminarily frozen initial products, the prior structure of the product is partially restored during pressure cooking.

During pressure cooking, fewer spices and artificial flavors need to be added thanks to the fact that, on one hand, they are better absorbed by the product, and on the other hand, the product does not lose its natural taste and smell.

Heating system

In the basic version of the PreSteam pressure cooker, heating is carried out by a direct steam jet under a pressure of up to 5 bars directed into the product.

Optionally, it is possible to carry out steam heating (at a pressure of up to 12 bars) through a heating jacket.

Electrical heating. If electrical heating is needed, it is performed with built-in heating coils located in the bottom part of the pressure cooker. This method of heating can be applied only in the case of products that are cooked in the basket. In this case, the working volume of the cooker will be less.

Odpowietrzanie – proces usuwania powietrza, który zmniejsza temperaturę przetwarzania produktu, a tym samym zachowuje jego najlepsze właściwości konsumpcyjne.

Mieszanie – specjalnie ukształtowane mieszadło i pojemnik roboczy zapewniają równomierne wymieszanie produktu bez występowania stref martwych. Specjalne “pływające” lemiesze nie pozwalają na osadzanie się przypalonego produktu na ścianach pojemnika i wpływają na maksymalizowanie wydajności przepływu energii cieplnej między ścianami pojemnika oraz produktem poprzez cienką jego  warstwę.

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  • Cooking time reduced by 30–80% depending on the type of product.
  • A large part of the vitamins and minerals are preserved, as well as the flavor, color, and natural appearance.
  • Significant reduction in the amount of energy needed for preparing a single batch of product.
  • Safety: a triple pressure control system.
  • Possibility of cooking products both in a special basket as well as directly in the pressure cooking chamber (steam heating only).

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