NEAEN DiMix dissolver for marinades, brines, and syrups


Designed for preparing high-quality marinades, brines with crystal salt, as well as various syrups with the addition of flavor enhancers and essences in small quantities. Perfectly suitable for dissolving pectin and other thickeners, as well as similar products.

  • marinades
  • brines
  • dissolving thickeners
  • syrups
  • other similar products


The plant comprises two operating tanks. The first tank (top tank) is designed for intensive dissolving of crystal salt. The tank is equipped with a specially-shaped reinforced mixer, which fully mirrors the shape of the ellipsoid bottom. The specially-designed bottom vent guarantees that there are no dead (unmixed) zones while dissolving, as well as preventing incomplete discharge of the product.

The design of the plant has been developed specifically for convenient loading of ingredients, whether manually or mechanically. The part of the lid that opens for loading ingredients is as large as possible, and the compactness of the plant (its low height) allows loading ingredients even without a lifter.

The drives of the discharge vents are connected to the central control panel, which allows opening and closing the vents without any need to go to the tanks.

The DiMix plant is made from AISI316L grade stainless steel (or another steel grade upon request) with high anti-corrosive properties. All seams that come in contact with the product are subject to electrochemical passivation for long-term operation with aggressive products.

How it works

Preparation of the main (primary) brine is carried out in the top tank. After the necessary amount of salt has been dissolved, the solution is poured under the effect of gravity into the bottom tank, into which additional ingredients are then added, such as flavor and aroma additives, essences, etc. These sensitive substances that are prone to evaporation are dissolved with the aid of a separate high-speed turbine mixer.

Thanks to this method of preparation, it is possible to obtain high-quality concentrated brine/marinade with even distribution of flavor and aroma additives, and maximum preservation of properties.

Optionally, the plant can be supplied with a heating jacket (steam or electricity heated), and it can also be assembled without the bottom tank.

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  • Reliability: designed specifically for operation with aggressive products.
  • Convenient to use: easy loading of ingredients and discharge of ready product.
  • High-quality end product; obtaining concentrated solutions and introducing delicate additives in small quantities.

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