Atmospheric steam tilting cooker NEAEN STK for cooking/frying


Designed for cooking, frying, stewing and mixing of viscous, thick sauces, jams and similar products.

The NEAEN STK cooker combines a compact size and convenient unloading of thick, viscous products, and it also allows easy loading of ingredients.

The system of tilting the operating tank up to 12 degrees with a mechanical drive makes loading ingredients considerably easier and allows complete discharge of the final product without any product remaining in the tank.


  • Manufactured from AISI316L steel
  • Automatic control system
  • CIP heads for cleaning
  • Electric heating
  • Steam heating with high-pressure steam up to 8 bars
  • Agitator with scrapers
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Distinctive features:

  • Made entirely from stainless steel
  • Triple-layer design with a strong thermal insulation layer
  • Sanitary external jacket from high-quality polished stainless steel
  • Reinforced high-power drive
  • A reinforced agitator fixed to the bottom in two places. Frame agitator featuring a complex design with diagonal blades that ensure mixing of the entire volume of product. When the cooker is used for frying, the stirrer can be equipped with scrapers for continuous cleaning of the walls.
  • No areas that remain unmixed and no places that are difficult to clean and where the product could collect.
  • Intensive steam heating with a pressure of up to 4 bars
  • System for mechanically tilting the operating tank for complete and convenient unloading of viscous products that are difficult to pour.
  • Discharge valve of a large diameter.
  • Fixing of the lid in the open position.
  • Remote control panel for the operator’s convenience, semi-automatic control system in the basic version of the cooker.
  • The operating tank can be tilted by means of a mechanical drive and a gearbox.
  • Optimal relationship between cooker height and volume for convenient loading of ingredients. Loading is made even easier by tilting the cooker in the area of the loading lid.

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